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ON THE WEB SINCE January 2004

Though I have had this website since 2004, when I started selling vintage items and maintaining an ever-growing Early American Bandstand Tribute, I did for the last year convert the website to just my hobby of the Bandstand era in Philadelphia. I am now, as of December 2016, returning to sell some vintage items to clear out the vast inventory I had in my personal collection through the decades. This will be done just to cover the cost of keeping and maintaining what is probably the largest early American Bandstand photo collection on the WEB. I am not sure I can justify keeping the website without supplementing the costs, so if you have an interest in any item, just click on the item to add to the shopping cart. I had a wonderful reputation while selling on my website and on eBay, but now I will only be selling enough product to maintain the cost of keeping my hobby going. Thank you. I hope you will continue to enjoy the very special time in history of the late 50s and early 60s on American Bandstand out of Philadelphia.