ON THE WEB SINCE January 2004

I have had my website here on the WEB since 2004. It started as a vintage clothing and collectibles shop, to which I added some pictures of Early American Bandstand as a hobby/blog part of my website. Through these past many years, the hobby sort of overtook not only my vintage website but also my life. I have had periods of time when I devoted most of my time to it and other periods when I have had to be away. I hope that through all the ups and downs that you have all continued to enjoy these special days in history. I have always wanted to share them with you and to try to keep the memories going.

For what I add new to the American Bandstand Tribute, be sure to check out the AB Announcements page where I will have listings of new entries along with links to find that page.

You may continue to shop for some vintage items here, as I will be clearing out my vast inventory of cloths and paper memorabilia as I can add the items I will sell.