20-Mar-18 New page Regulars with Celebrities
15-Mar-18 1961 Dick Clark interviews 50s regulars
In the 1961 American Bandstand Anniversary show, Dick Clark interviews some of the 1950s female Regulars who have since married and have children. I remember so well Rosalie Beltrante dancing on the show as well as her two sisters Mary and Susan. Rosalie is on the far right of the interviewees. Click on the active link below to see the youtube video.

American Bandstand -1961 Dick Clark interviews Old Timers Mothers

22-Jul-17 Entire issue of 16 Magazine
I think all of my visitors will enjoy this complete issue of 16 Magazine from November 1960, as found on Robin Benson's blog. click here for November 1960 issue of 16 Magazine
21-Jul-17 Dancing Regulars 1961
Just added picture of some of the Regulars--please see Regulars Gallery #1

Click here to go to Gallery #1 to view the picture. Enjoy

10-May-17 Picture added to Gallery #3
It's picture of Alene Sullivan, Frankie Lobis and Joe Wissert. click here: Arlene, Frankie and Joe
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31-Oct-15 Rare Pat Molittieri picture
I just purchased a picture of Pat Molittieri that I had never seen before and it's unusual when I find one of those. I have added it to the page I have (individual gallery in memory of Pat). There will be more details about the picture there. Here's the link to the image: rare 1959 Pat Photo
28-Oct-15 April 2012 article Steve Colanero & Dick Clark
30-Aug-15 Bunny Gibson comments on blog topics
13-Aug-15 The AB Polling Booth has returned
The polls are all starting anew and will mostly be different from the ones we had in the past. Follow this link to the page, which can also be found in the index under Bandstand Interactive. Bandstand Polls
18-Jul-15 Justine and Pat Molittieri
Justine and Pat were very good friends not only during their time as Regulars on American Bandstand but after they left the show as well. Gallery #4 has been added showing some of the private collection photos I have received with these friends together in photos. More will be added as I go through my vast collection of Early American Bandstand photos. CLICK HERE FOR ALBUM 4 WITH JUSTINE AND PAT
15-Jul-15 Likeability Quotient blog posting
Visitor to site Keri Caye has posted under this blog topic. LIKEABILITY QUOTIENT
12-Apr-15 Pat Molittieri Picture Patch
Picture Patches were sold in the late 1950s and were mostly of the movie stars of the day, but included in that group of picture patches were Dick Clark as well as Pat Molittieri. Added to my website today is the one of Pat Molittieri and it is on the memorial page for her. Dick Clark's picture patch has been on my site for quite some time.
21-Jan-15 THIS & THAT for January 21, 2015
An interesting article about American Bandstand: Hank Ballard music
02-Jan-15 Carole's Memorial updated
Another pictured added to Carole's Memorial Page....a paper doll of her. I know she would be smiling to see her being so remembered.
02-Jan-15 New AB picture added
Joan Buck and JImmy Peatross has been added to Gallery 3