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JUSTINE & PAT pictures
Carrelli & Molittieri
B&W Justine wedding pic
Pat was in Justine's wedding
Pat's driving around town.....
Pat driving car with Justine
Pat and Justine with their brothers
Can you see the family resemblance?
Pat and Justine friends for many years
Personality revealing?
Posing pretty at home...
Visited in each other's homes...
Pat & Justine fashionable
Like the clothes!
Pat & Justine casually cute
Casual friends in the outdoors
Skirt and blouse beautiful
Lady-like Pretty twosome
Seeing Pat off at airport
Pat ready to go to Hollywood
Pat's fan club President pays a visit
Friends & Pat's fan club president
Updo hair photo of Justine with Pat
Pat Molittieri & Justine Carrelli