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rarely seen Frani Giordano color picture in the convertible she won on American Bandstand in the late 50s
Frani Giordano
Two popular regulars from the 1950s in a rare color picture
Frani Giordano and Susan Beltrante
Steve Colanero and Mary Beltrante 1961
Steve and Mary

Arlene Sullivan with Frankie Lobis and Joe Wissert.

I hadn't known who the fellow on the right was until Arlene personally noted this: "My friend Joe Wissert is in the middle. This was taken on a visit to Atlantic City, N.J."

Arlene Sullivan
Phone calls from the regulars:
showing Kenny Rossi, Arlene Sullivan, Joan Buck, Carole Scaldeferri, Pat Molittieri

collage by Marsha
Lovely Justine Carrelli outside her home and car.
Party dressed Frani
Frani Giordano
The Jimenez sisters courtesy Eleanor Ligman
Yvette and Carmen Jimenez
Gibson & Kerr -popular early 1960s Regulars
Bunny Gibson & Norman Kerr
Jimmy Peatross and Joan Buck
Great Dance Partners late 50s/early 60s AB

Picture from Marsha's vintage magazine collection. I added a frame around this fun picture. 2nd from left is Mary Ann Cuff. To her right is Barb Levick and to Barb's right is Betty Romantini. Behind Betty Romantini is Arlene Sullivan

The Regulars Party Time
a group of Regulars with prizes?

left to right: Eddie (Tex) Connor, Janet Hamill, Barb Levick, Walt Grzelak, Pat Molittieri, and Bill Ettinger.

American Bandstand Regulars

Rarely seen picture of Jimmy Peatross, Joan Buck and Dick Clark. Jimmy and Joan danced on American Bandstand as Regulars in late 1950s and early 1960s. It appears that Dick is reading some of their fan mail to them.

Jimmy Peatross, Joan Buck & Dick Clark

A many-Regular photo of Early American Bandstand Regulars who danced on the show. See how many you recognize. I readily see Frani Giordano, Arlene Sullivan, Peggy Leonard, Frankie Vacca, MIchelle Lieibowitz...and is that little Betty Romantini next to Frankie Vacca?

And here's a picture you don't often see of Frani Giordano wearing a cute bathing cap, late 1950s. It is a picture from a magazine back in the day and in an old scrapbook I obtained. But wait a minute...what's this we see...more Frani in swimsuits. I was lucky enough to receive pictures from private collections and these were actual photographs. Frani's parents owned a home at Sea Isle and Frani often had her friends and many American Bandstand Regulars for parties there. Here are a few more to enjoy:

Lovely Frani here as well as Regulars Billy Cook and Peggy Leonard, but not positive of the others. This was at Sea Isle. The Giordano home there apparently is gone--I think it burned down from what I have heard.

Frani Giordano dancing on American Bandstand. I don't know the young man wth her.
Frani Giordano

This picture is the best quality I could get it to be, but still not great clarity. We have Dick Clark surrounded by Regulars and two of those Regulars are 2 of the 3 Beltrante sisters (Susan and Mary). Flossie Harvey is between Dick Clark and Mary Beltrante. I am not positive of the guys in the photo but I remember Eleanor Ligman saying she thought the young man down front might be Denny Dziena and I do believe she is correct. Also, believe the fellow toward back with Susan Beltrante to left and Mary Beltrante to the right may well be George Kralle.

I made the little ducky frame to go around this childhood picture of Janet Hamill. I believe the picture was sent to me by Karen Bosley who sent many of Janet's pictures, but in conversations I have had with Janet over the past 10 years, she was more than pleased to have them shown at my website. I will try to get back here many of those I had before, but they won't always be in the same format---and maybe that's nice to have the change.
Janet Hamill in her post American Bandstand years...courtesy Janet Hamill..

UPDATE added 2019. And you might like to know that post American Bandstand, this lovely lady went on to do modeling and some TV commercials. Here is one she did for product Groom and Clean. I think you will enjoy it. CLICK ON Video of Janet as follows: Video of Janet

Janet Hamill
Frani Giordano on doorstep--not sure who the other girl is
Frani Giordano
Do'ing the Stroll late 1950s AB