COMPENDIUM of vintage

find years for Fashions, Fragrance & Frills

This feature at my website is a study tool for me and hopefully a vintage research help for my vintage collecting friends. I have bought and studied vintage fashions for most of my life, beginning as a teenager in the fifties, and if this helps anyone, I will be happy to share it. It will grow as I add to it. It's not an end-all to the knowledge of vintage, but it is a timeline of sorts that will at least let you know some product names that were available in certain years. I


TO SEARCH MY TYPED COMPENDIUM TEXT: Use your keyboard and type CONTROL FIND (Control F" on your keyboard and type in what you are looking for in researching a vintage product. EXAMPLE: in the control find search box that you bring up, type in let's say...Jantzen and it will find the first instance of Jantzen in the timeline on this page and you can look under what year I have it; then you keep hitting return as you go through the text and it will find all instances of Jantzen until you reach the bottom.

  • VANITY FAIR company started circa 1889
  • VAN RAALTE company started circa 1912

  • 1930s
    Warner's Le Gant Youthlastic foundations, 1938 Munsingwear Lingerie with Cordura the 1938 fabric sensation (dainty rayon) for slips-briefs-panties-gowns,

    1940s: Artemis Lingerie (slip), Celanese fabric for lingerie,

    YEAR 1944
    1944 Corette slip,

    YEAR 1945
    Vanity Fair slip, Carolyn Shnurer petticoat-crinoline-slip,

    YEAR 1946
    Perma-Life brassieres, Miss Deb slip, Doris Miller Junior slip, Pembrooke slips, Powers Model slips, Suzette Snip-it-Slips, Seamprufe slip, Jantzen sweaters, Lastex miracle yarn, Beaunit fabrics, Elgin compacts, Berkshire stockings, sweater by Glengarry, Hanes nylon stockings, Celanes Jersey synthetic yarn, Peggy Park sweaters, hi-ho Juniors, Koru Sportswear, gabardine, Junard of Dallas, Shalimar gloves, Oomphies slipers, Prim hosiery, Dawnelle gloves, Trampeze shoes, Bobbie Brooks, Jordan-Williams shoes, Lady Catherine Chenille Robe, lounging-sleeping gown by L.R. Samuels, Warmski Boots, Tommies night-shirt, B. Altman & Co. of New York, designer Dorian housecoats, Peggy Parker sweaters, Beau Catcher perfume, Pandora Knitwear sweater, Lindfelt gloves, pinch purse, Zell compacts, Coro jewelry, Marvel jewelry, Dorre glitter bag, Slumbertogs, Oomphies slipper boots, L.R. Samuels gown, Junior First dress, Barbara Boyd dress, Joan Miller Juniors dress, Helen Barbieri Rayon crepe dress, Donna Hale dress, Penny Mason dress, Debutante Originals dress, Rae Mar Juniors dress, Felix Safian dress,

    YEAR 1947

    YEAR 1948
    Handmade Saab Slip,jumper of Celanese rayon by Dorris Varnum for Jonathan Logan, dress by Doris Dodson, Masket Brothers dress, Johansen shoes, Betty Rose coat, Dobbs hats, Cinderella Frocks for girls, leisure robe by Gold Craft, Grace Walker shoes, Honeybugs slippers, Kay Whitney dresses, Charis foundations, Nannette Originals for little girls, sleep gown by Gordon, housecoat by Colonial Silver Seal, Movie Star slip, Mary Barron slip,Van Raalte slip,1948 Barbizon Body-Contour Slip (Enchant) of nylon and rayon, Royal Frocks dress of Cynara rayon crepe, tailored Kayser slip of Celanese Jersey, Dpbbs hats, 1948 Movie Star full slip, Kickenick, Munsingwear Celanese tricot rayon gown or pajamas in Gardenia White, Pink Bud, Buttercup or Larkspur Blue; Busken's shoes (wedge quartette), Doris Dodson Juniors, Catalina swimsuit, Lastex swimsuit wear, Carole King dress, Berkshire Stockings, Jantzen sunclothes, Bretton watches, June Bentley dress for Jordan Marsh Company, Cole of California swimsuit, Sportleigh coat, Colura lingerie items of celanese Jersey, Suzette "Clairanese"Rayon Taffeta slip,

    YEAR 1949
    1949 Corette slip, Sally Gee scarf,Maidenform bra (Maidenette), 1949 Stardust bras, Miss Connie slip, Lorna Day Lingerie, petticoat pajamas by Crinoline Girl (darling pjs with flounce, Stardust slip, Warners bras and foundations, Doris Miller rayon slip, Extacee slip of nylon tricot, 1949 Wonder Youth rayon slip, b=Mary Barron slip of nylon rayon Radiuim "When a slip becomes a social error...switch to Mary Barron", Colura Jr. nylon slip, 1949 Miss Swank slip, Movie Star slip, Rose Petal slips, Textron nylon crepe slip (Sternberg art), Jantzen cashmere sweaters (Finesse &Charmette), Daniel Green slippers (Nymph, Whimsy & San Toy), 1949 Helen Harper sweaters, Shirley Lee Junior Petites dress, Perma-Lift girdle, Bradley sweaters (label "Slip into a Bradley and out-of-doors"), 1949 Ship'n Shore blouses, J'ray bed jackets with Val lace, Featherknits sweater cardigans, Strutwear bedjacket~pajamas~gown, White Stag Ski Togs, 1949 Catalina sweaters, Betty Lou shoes, suit by Joseph Goldberg (red, wheat, navy), dancing skirt, elfin waist, quilted robe by Rojain, Cabana Sportswear, 1949 Rose Marie Reid swim suit, Gantner swimsuit, Cole of California swimsuit, Catalina swimsuit, Jantzen simsuit, John Weitz Juniors, Helena Rubenstin Apple Blossom fragrance, 1949 Westway Sportswear dress, Derby Sportswear dress, ribbons of rouching, dress by Mary Muffet, slipper satin dance dress by Beautime, 1949 party dress by Emma Domb, dress by Helene of California, dress by International Junior, Ellen Joan dress, rayon gabardine, Wilbar's shoes, Cobblers shoes, 1949 Paris Shops blouse, Eve shoes, Gossar-DEB pantie by Gossard, Gluvtex pajamas at Lord & Taylor, Tish-u-Knit sweaters, Sally Mason blouses, swimsuit by Mary Ann Deweese, seersucker outfit by Stephanie Koret, coat by Alfred Simmons, shoes by Joy Kingston, 1949 dress by Helen Gudgell, suit by Louis Gerst, dress by Murray Goldstein, coat by David Isaacs, Martha Manning dresses, 1949 evening gown by Ceil Chapman, Kedettes casual shoes, 1949 Jacques Fath dress (the fabulous Parisian couturier), Teena Paige dresses in school house red, camel tan, forest green, rust, honey, toast, 1949 fire engine red, slate blue, teal; Merrimack Sheercord...queen of corduroys, dress; Jaunty Junior suitRegina Cashmere, Betty Barclay dress, 1949 Daniel Green scuffs, Originals (sweaters), Doris Dodson Juniors dress, Lilyette Brassieres, Pandora sweaters, 1949 Jonathan Logan dress, Joyce shoes, Doodle Coat (sleep coat, beer-jacket, short robe), Tommies pajamas, 1949 V-Ette brassieres, Sandra Lee dress, Carole King junior dress, Bunny Lamb sweaters, Donny Junior coats, Betty Gay dress, Betty Lane dress, Jaunty Junior coat, Friendship's Garden by Shulton, Old Spice by Shulton, Desert Flower by Shulton, 1949 Prince Gardner billfolds/wallets, Junior First "Dandy Dress", Lentheric perfumes--Confetti, Tweed, Dark Brilliance, Anticipation, Shanghai, 1949 Bouquet Repartee, Repartee, Golden Frieze, Junior First Starlighter Dress in rayon tissue faille, Daniel Green slippers--Nymph, Whimsy, 1949 Colura Jr slip, Bur-Mil rayon slip by Wonder Youth, Extacee slip, Doris Miller slip, Helen Harper sweater, 1949 Shirley Lee Junior Petites dress, Perma-Lift girdle, Aquamarine lotion by Revlon, Strutwear pajamas and gowns, Teena Paige tufted taffea dress, Catalina sweater, 1949 gabardine suit by Joseph Goldberg, Fair & Warner nightshirt, Junior Miss of California blouse, Beautime slipper satin dance dress, Mary Muffet ribbons of ruching dress, Cobblers shoes, Enchanting Eve shoes, 1949 Gluvtex Nylon Tricot pajamas, Pilcher compacts, Saxon's blouse, Stardust bra, Forstner charms, Realcraft slip Style 6155 cotton with dainty eyelet embroidery, 1949 Charles Corey shoes, Fashionality blouse, Fastenberg's shoes, Lucy's of Hollywood suit, Ann's Pajamas, Vicky Vaughn Junior dress, Teen Town handbag, York Teen coat, Fortuna foundation, Jollie Junior dress of cotton Petalite, Hollywood Teenalure dress, 1949 Mandel's shoes, Tabu fragrance lipstick, Baar and Beards scraf folk song, Kickernick Lingerie of garter panities and bra, 1949 Mary Jane Shoes, Blue Swan undies "Minikins", Elizabeth Taylor Hats, Sleepy Suzy pajamas, Sportleigh coat, Gossard pantie, Darlene Junior dress of Chambray, Youthcraft girdle, Helen Harper sweater, J'Ray nightgown Josie Lingerie, Joan Kenley blouse, 1949 Corsees Jr. by Flexees panty girdle, Carter's Celanese rayon jersey nightgowns, Cobblers shoes, Queen Quality Shoes, Life-Stride shoes, Judy Nell coat, Carole King Junior Dresses, Betty Gay blouses, 1949 Nancy Lynn Original dress, Kay McDowell coat, American Debutante dress, Betty Lane dress, Sans Souci Celanese Tricot Jersey panties, Dawnelle gloves, Vitality shoes, Lingerie by Komar, Pace-Maker slip, Munsingwear foundations, Lady Berkleigh pajamas, 1949 Luxite underthings and sleepwear by Holeproof, Gage Junior Miss hats, Reisman coats, Coordinates by Jane Irwill, Teen Charmers dress at Godchaux's, 1949 Buxton Stitchless Card-Tainer Billfold and Key-Tainer, Elizabeth McCaffrey Petal Pouch for coins and such, 1949 Ben Goodman & Son, Inc Cravenette treated silk scarf with penguins, Buskens shoes, Jantzen figure-control swimsuits and sunclothes, Catalina Convertibles swimsuits, Jonathan Logan Dorris Varnum dress for Best & Co., Cole of California swimsuit with Esther Williams in the ad, Doris Dodson Junior dresses, Gantner swimsuits, Rose Marie Reid swimsuit with built-in Flexure bra, Walser shorty pajamas of Celanese Tricot Jersey, Maurice Handler swimsuit of shimmering acetate satin woven of Lastex yarns by Hafner, WonderYouth a junior slip, Sea Nymph swimsuit, Stardust life-insured slips, Bonwit dance frock, Miss Connie slip,

    YEAR 1950
    Van Raalte slip,

    YEAR 1951
    Luxite gown,Betty Lane dress of rayon net and rayon satin bodice, Catalina sweaters, 1951 Cone Velvelette pajamas, Teena Paige dresses, Junior Vues dress, Hansen Gloves and mittens, Lady Berkleigh pajamas, Tweed by Lentheric fragrance, 1951 pajamas styled by Peggy Prim for Lobells, 1951 Hi-Girl sweaters, Carole King Junior dress, party dress by Shirley Lee and also elegant rayon taffetas, Starlight formals, Laurita carry-all,

    YEAR 1952
    Daniel Green comfy slippers, Aquamarine lotion by Revlon, Lilly Dache headdress, Mr. John headdress, Formfit "Life" bra, Desert Flower by Shulton, Friendship's Garden by Shulton, Old Spice by Shulton, Playtex girdles, Tweed by Lentheric, Saucy Walker Doll, Dupont Nylon slip~peignoir set~nylon stockings~,Rogers nylon gown,1952 Van Raalte Summer Frost full slip of nylon tricot,

    YEAR 1953
    NOVEMBER: Carter's nightgowns, Leslie Fay suit, Vanity Fair ballet length ensemble (gown & peignoir) of nylon tricot which came in Angel Pink and Aquamarine with white lace, November 1953 Rogers long nightgown in nylon tricot with Alencon lace (stunning), Ava Gardner wearing Cameo stockings and starring in Mogambo, Jerry Gilden's dresss designed by Miss Sadye in a jersey, Chantilly by Houbigant, Bali Strapless bra, November 1953 "Coquettes" Sans Souci exquisite lingerie--long gracious gown, Kayser nightgown with bertha collar of "Nylo-flute" of nylon tricot,

    YEAR 1954
    Hollywood-Maxwell bra, Life Bras by Formit, Luxite "Peek-a-Boo" shadow-proof nylon tricot slip with Alencon lace, Rain Dears~plastic rain boots, Daniel Green "Indorables" Tulip and Pow Wow slippers, Tweed Fragrance, Mojud stockings ~ "Magic Motion", Berkshire stockings, Gaytees rubber boots, Formit "Skippies" girdles, Fred Perlberg tulle and satin bare shouolder evening gown, Ceil Chapman tiered lace party dress with organdy bows, Hattie Carnegie ruby crystal beads, Lady Buxton wallets/billfolds, Aquamarine Lotion by Revlon,

    YEAR 1955
    1955 Luxite Red Spark full slip of nylon,

    YEAR 1956
    Playtex Living Bra, Belle-Mode bras, Barbizon no iron Taffeta slip, Teena Paige dresses throughout, 1957 Pendleton Sportswear featuring the "Turnabout" skirt with those pleats that seemed to turnabout, Jantzen shaper (girdle, panty-girdle), 1956 Jantzen separates, Lassie Jr. coats, Arthur Murray dancing Footwear, Lady Manhattan shirts, dresses by Sue Brett, Gilden Jr. dress, Scarf Coat by Thermo-Jac, 1956 Helen Harper sweater, B. Altman & Co Teena Paige dress, Jane Irwill Ban Lon separates--sweaters/skirts, Kay McDowell coat, Olga girdle, Ship'n shore blouses, Shapely shirts, Kay Junior's dresses, 1956 Jonathan Logan dress, Aileen separates, Betty Roses coats and suits, Talbott sweaters, Shirley Lee dresses, 1956 White Stag sportswear, Daniel Green slippers, Bobbie Brooks, 1956 Suspants by Blue Swan, Tommies pajamas, Sandler shoes, Alco Juniors dress, Vic Gene car coats, Gilead sleepwear, 1956 Peter Pan blouse, Carole King Juniors dresses, Spalding shoes, Doris Dodson juniors dresses, Junior Flair dress, 1956 Carol Craig dress, Gay Gibson dress, Mademoiselle Modes skirt, 1956 Fritz Mar dress, Gloves by Dawnelle, Suzy Brooks dress, Betty Lane formal dress, D.Strauss formal dress, Andree & Seedman formal dress, Huddlespun sweater, formal dress by Cotillion, Beautime formal dress, Barbara Dance dress, John Frederics hat, Coquettes sohes, 1956 dress by Jeanne d'Arc, Bobbie Brooks Ban Lon sweaters, Kar Kotes by Laury Rich, Majestic separates, Darlene sweater, Lady Berkleigh pajamas, Slack-ees girdle, 1956 Nan Dorsey sweater, 1956 Lana Lobell dress, Lewella girdles panties, Shelton Stroller nylon jersey dress,Dynasty of Hong Kong robe, 1956 Van Raalte pinwheel Chantilly lace half slip, Blue Swan full slip with deep lace flounce at hem, 1956 Vanity Fair empire gown with pleated lace bodice with tunneled ribbon tie, 1956 Mojud gown and matching peignoir of double layer sheer nylon tricot and gown has ruffled strap,Artemis sleep coat with short puffed sleeves and shaped yoke of nylon and Val lace, 1956 Munsingwear gown of nyulon tricot chiffon with scalloped lace at bodice and midriff and lace shoulder straps, Luxite by Kayser full slip of nylon tricot with deep hem lace and v-cut bodice front and back, 1956 Flexes Bouffante foundation garment, Formfit strapless bra, Barbizon no iron Taffeta slip, Barbizon full slip of Satin Sylfaire, 1956 Capri initially hours cufflinks and earrings, darling duster robe by Morgin robes in permanent wave no iron cotton with nosegay prints, 1956 Campus Girl peignoir with daisies on embossed white Everglaze cotton, Nite-Aires gingham scuffs at B. Altman, 1956 Garland Dreamspun sweaters, Princess Gardner Gahna Polished Cowhide withtiny jewels studded,

    YEAR 1957
    Dorshire petticoat "ruffled Rhapsody" with 30 yard sweep from Dorshire Lingerie; Teena Paige dresses, Jantzen swimsuits (Lastex-powered); Jonathan Logan dress in polished cotton at Lord & Taylor; Barbizon bastiste slips (Zephaire Batiste) in no-iron blend of Dacron, Cotton and Nylon and Petti-Flirt half slip; the year of "Tammy & the Bachelor", Cole of Califrnia swimsuit "Coral Ice" in Lastex; Sea Fashions swimsuits; Avon's Persion Wood Mist (one of those opaque bottles); Maurice Handler swimsuit, DuBarry Lipstick; Surf Togs swimsuits, Lovable bras, U.S. Swim Caps of United States Rubber, Catalina swimsuits, Saramac petticoats, the year of Bernardine starring Pat Boone, Rose Marie Reid swimsuits, Braunstein's dresses, Motorola Portables for 57 (radios), Rumpp billfold, key case, eyeglas case, cigarette case, lighter; Paris Shop dress, Hope Chest lingerie catalogs,

    YEAR 1958
    1958 Van Raalte Suavette opaque airy-light tricot full slip,

    YEAR 1959

    YEAR 1961

    ~~Kayser full slip (Calais slip in Satilene Nylon Tricot, lavished with French lace and satin ribbon in cognac, blue, capri, green, roulette red, French orchid, beige, black, white--sizes 32 to 42 proportioned lengths and petite sizes 7 to 13--sold for $5.95 in 1961.~~Bonnie Doon shoes~~bubble knit sweater of Ban-Lon from Melville Knitwear~~nightgown by Barbizon waltz shift in Feathaire Flannel with highlights of rosebud embroidery and French nylon lace in petal blue and eggnog.~~Tweed mist by Lentheric in an opaque plastic tall atomizer (the kind I like).~~Rogers briefest baby doll gown and matching panty--sheerest nylon tricot over opaque nylon with a fleur de lis and ruffly spill of frothy lace in Ariel Blue, Black, Petal Pink, Praline, Sea Jade, Antique Ecru~~Jonathan Logan shirt dress in lemon (shown), azure blue, apricot~~Bobbie Brooks sweater in lambswool and fur blend with leaf design in colors of aqua lace, yellow pearl, beige heather, light grey heather on white~~Garland Sweaters of brawny Rugglespun~~nightgown by Kayser, waltz gown in double layered nylon Tricot with rose appliques in white and also comes in dawn blue and black~~Sue Brett dress,~~Vanity Fair half slip in fire pink with lots of lucious lace at bottom and up the side~~Darlene sweaters in Minklam which was a combo of fur fibers and mink~~

    YEAR 1962

    YEAR 1963

    Vassarette, Henson Kickernick French influence Fonde de Robe slip,1963 Parisian Maid Caprolan nylon slip,1963 Penney's Chemstrand nylon full slip,

    YEAR 1964
    Yolande slip,

    YEAR 1965

    YEAR 1969Maidenform Confections slips and underthings, 1969 Jonathan Logan dress kind of a Charleston dance style with fringe skirt and matching fringe scarf, L'Air Du Temps fragrance, 1969 Gay Gibson of bonded Fortrel polyester, Ma Griffe parfum (perfume), 1969 Princess Gardner wet look wallet and accessories in their "Chalet" line in Trolley Red, Winterset from Miss Elaine in Caprolan nylon with red roses on white, 1969 Garland sweaters in rednavynude, Miss Springmaid of the Month (in an adorable robe) as seen in Oct 1969 Seventeen Magazine, 1969 Movie Star chemise gown of Caprolan nylon, 1969 Warner's chemise slip like a body slip with built in bra, 1969 Van Raalte body slip of stretch Tricot of nylon with Lycra, 1969 Henson Kickernick body slip, 1969 Formit by Rogers body slip of Crepeset nylon tricot with Kodel fiberfill, 1969 slip by Farr-West of blended silk, nylon and polyester--, 1969 petti half slip "Trio by Maidenform Juniors", petti half slip by Teenform of nylon tricot with appliqued daisies, NOVEMBER 1969: Bobbie Brooks separates, Jonathan Logan long jacket & dress with scarf, Gay Gibson dresses and jumpsuit, Dec 1969 Avon (remember those Christmas tree shape bottles?), Barbizon nightshirts in Satin de Lys--also Feathaire Flannel, Tami separates--angora knits, December 1969 Teenforms "Luv-Match" slips, Pandora Banlon separates, Aileen tunic and pants in Creslan acrylic, Princess Gardner Antiqua wallets, Jane colby fashions, November 1969 Monet charm bracelet, 1969 the Grab Bag by Enger Kress (wallet), Amity wallets, Swarovski jewelry, December 1969 Movie Star all lace over sheer tricot mini gown and bikini, DECEMBER 1969...Princess Gardner pocket full of flowers wallets and accessories, White Shoulders cologne, December 1969 Heaven Scent perfume solid rings by Helena Rubinstein--huge, extravagant looking things (flamboyant fakes that flip open with solid perfume inside (I HAVE THE BIG WHITE ONE and hope to list it, Arpege by Lanvin, Gay Gibson dresses of double knitted Acrilan acrylic, Chantilly by Houbigant, Emeraude by Coty, Je Reviens perfume by Worth, Muguet des bois by Coty, 1969 Garland Dupont Orlon acrylic knits, December 1969 Miss Springmaid of the Month in adorable pajamas, December 1969 "On the Wind" fragrance by Bourjois, 1969 Penny's Kodel polyester fiberfill robes for Christmas, Evening in Paris perfumes, 1969 Young Edwardian dress, 1969 Vanity Fair softy gowns, 1969 Mele jewelry boxes, 1969 Lady Buxton Pacesetter wallets, NOVEMBER 1969: Bobbie Brooks separates in colors of geranium, linden green or cornflower, Jonathan Logan long jacket and dress shown in grape color with white print design, Gay Gibson jumpsuit and dress shown in Parisian pink, Thermo-Jac knits, Gay Gibson fashions, Barbizon nightshirts, Tami knit casual fashions, Teenform slips, Aileen separates, Princess Gardner accessories, Jane Colby separates, Penney's Gaymode bras and panties, Monet charm bracelet, Clarino shoes, Amity wallets and accessories,

    YEAR 1970
    Arthur Originals dress, DuPont Antron III nylon slip

    May 1970: Jonathan Logan separates, Gay Gibson Knits of Dacron dresses, Intimate perfume (glass container like the one I have with pointed red lid); Lady Serena sleepwear nightgown with Kodel polyester, Bobbie Brooks fashions, Aileen separates, Je Reviens perfume, Ship'n Shore knit casuals, Ambush by Dana, Amity purse accessories--wallets and such, White Stag coat, White Stag speedos swimsuits, Jane Colby separates, Bellodgia perfume by Caron, Miss Springmaid of the month May 1970 wearing a 50% Kodel polyester and 50% cotton culotte shift of buttercup yellow, Princess Gardner accessories--wallets and such, NOVEMBER 1970: Jonathan Logan maxi cotton madras dress, Bobbie Brooks separates, Tami Poetry Collection separates (sweaters & skirts), Monet charm bracelet (has a Christmas decorations like tree, snowman, bell; Springmaid baby gowns and robes, Buxton Jewelry boxes, Sears Norwegian blue separates, Princess Gardner accessories, NEXT LISTINGS ARE FROM JUNE 1970 SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE page 6 is a Lady Serena nightgown (sleepwear) in Celanese Fortrel designed by Greensboro; Jonathan Logan fashions; Arpege bath salts and foaming milk bath; Emeraude by Coty; Heaven Scent by Helena Rubinstein (with turquoise large rings); Lovable Bra Slip shaped with soft Kodel fiberfill; YEAR 1971
    Joyce Shoes, Miss America Shoes, Napier necklace, Wing Song Perfume, Ma Griffe perfume, Casaque Perfume by Jean D'Albret, SEPTEMBER 1971: Arpege one-piece atomiseur, Vicky Vaughn separates, L'Air Du Temps by Nina Ricci, London Fog raincoats, Eskipades boots, Van Raalte body shirts, Princess Gardner wallets and accessories, Ambush by Dana, Movie Star beautiful body shirt, Miss Elaine quilted robe & Kodel Polyester gown, Tigress perfume and cologne, Monet charm bracelet, Vassarette bra and slip in Coral Crepelon, Trifari necklaces, Evelyn Pearson loungewear, Princess Gardner, Sears Non-Cling Antron III nylon "Doesn't Slip", Henson Kickernick bra & bikini of Dupont Antron III crepe, Lorraine underclothes, Vicky Vaughn dresses, "Little Gems" by Gossard Artemis (robe, gown, pajamas), Movie Star loungewear, JC Penney's Gaymode Bikini panty-hose, YEAR 1972
    Van Raalte, White Stag Young Actives, Olga Wunderpants, Gay Gibson Great explorers, Pandora, Color Me Pretty by Maidenform, Danskin, Princess Gardner, Robby Len swimsuit, Turtle Bax jeans, Vicky Vaughn summer confections (trumpet sleeves, Schiffli embroidery frosts), Movie Star fashions, Lovable Swimwear, Ally Cat sweater, Jane Irwil top, Bobbie Brooks, Peter Pan Jrs,

    YEAR 1973
    Antron III non-cling slip, YEAR 1974
    Charmin' Miss dress, Bobbie Brooks fashions, Charlie fragrance by Revlon, Pandora trousers and top, Monet charm bracelet, Nadine formals, Scott Barrie for Barad nightgown in Antron III nylon, Donald Brooks for Maidenform nightgown,