As long as I can remember, memories have touched my heart and I thereby came by my vintage interests so honestly. It helped to have a beautiful mother (inside and out) who inspired me with her 1920s and 1930s glamour. I always felt she "could have been a movie star" - but that's just me and my brother's love for her that helped inspire this website and inspired him to create a song "YOU COULD HAVE BEEN A MOVIE STAR."

My Mother was my rock and she was so classy and classic. Because of the way she brought me up, early on in life I began reading the Classic Novels and all the great heroines of literature were added to my list of women with intrigue, glamour, intelligence, style, romance, mystery, beauty, spirit, and the list goes on. I would read and re-read the paragraphs that described their clothes, their living spaces, their ideas of great men and the romances that ensued. Who could forget those special women and later the actresses who would play them in magnificent productions based on the great books.

From those memories of my life came the longing to make available to others some of the lovely things that made up my world. I couldn't get enough of going to vintage boutiques, thrift stores, consignment shops, estate sales and just about any source where I could find things that brought back memories for me. I knew I couldn't be alone in this pursuit and that others just might want to find these same things--and so began my collecting vintage. And while I was out collecting my memories with vintage items, I was creating new memories with contemporary finds that appealed to me. So here on this website, I hope to share with you something from both the Vintage and the Contemporary Worlds. I hope you enjoy and return.

Photo of me taken by my husband in late 1960s.