ON THE WEB SINCE January 2004

I have had my website here on the WEB since 2004. Because I have a hobby blog portion of my website entitled Early American Bandstand, some have asked if I am still selling items. Yes, I am still listing items for sale. Before 2004, I sold a great many things on eBay with a 100% rating, but I no longer sell at eBay. There is an active shopping cart here at my website for each product that is for sale. I hope you enjoy my tribute hobby as well as the vintage items for sale. If you have any questions or require additional help, please email me at

Below you will see a sample of some of the items currently for sale in the pages of my website: Large pictures will be on the various pages where these items are available. If interested, click on the pages in the index to the left of all pages to find specific types of items.

SPECIAL NOTE ADDED JANUARY 24, 2021: Two of my Picturetrail storage sites are going to be removed from my access by end of February 2021 as Picturetrail is going out of business. This means I have to work all of February to try to get pictures replaced here so if you click on a picture at my site or while surfing the WEB, it may say "not available" and yet I will get them all back on as quickly as I can. It involves a lot of work and I just ask your patience. Email me if you have questions about this through the months ahead.

I will be back to listing things after being away from doing that for some time.