ON THE WEB SINCE January 2004

I have had my website here on the WEB since 2004. Prior to creating my website, I started selling on eBay in 1996, one year after eBay started up. I have maintained a 100% positive rating there under the name merzidotes.

Because I have a rather large hobby blog portion of my website entitled Early American Bandstand, some have asked if I am still selling items here at my website and the answer is "yes" but mainly just to sell my remaining large inventory and my private collections as I am 79 and want to downsize my life in general. I hope the items I have will all find good homes.

In the top left portion of the index you will find various vintage items like vintage clothing, accessories, vintage magazines and other paper memorabilia, and even some contemporary items. The bottom portion of index has my Tribute blog pages for Early American Bandstand.

On May 12, 2023, I added a CALENDAR to my index and you might find it fun and informative on some days. Enjoy and I thank all my visitors for your continuing interest in my website. TODAY'S FEATURED ITEM shown below

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