IN LOVING MEMORY OF CAROLE SCALDEFERRI-SPADA - passed away Sunday, December 8, 2013

In the video below Carole Scaldeferri leads off the dance with Regular Harvey Robbins
Her dance style was unique and we loved the little skip she did

Picture of Carole in beautiful party dress above was on front cover of a TEEN Magazine (I enlarged it considerably) and below that picture is a paperdoll of Carole found on the WEB
IN JUNE 2010, CAROLE SCALDEFERRI-SPADA WRITES THE SONGS SHE LIKED TO DANCE TO ON AMERICAN BANDSTAND. She wanted me to add this to the website and I was so very pleased to do so I have some things she wrote me over the years and I will add some of those comments as I can. She trusted me to use my judgment and we were fairly often in touch by phone and email and snail mail occasionally.

  • Chalypso~~~Little Darlin'
  • Slow Song~~~Sixteen Candles...Tears on my Pillow...(we did the The Strand to some slow songs)
  • Fast Songs~~~Stagger Lee. . . Splish Splash. . .(Good for Jitterbug or Push dances)
  • Instrumental Song~~~Never on Sunday
  • Line Dance~~~Let's Do The Stroll
  • The Push~~~a type of jitterbug . . .good for any fast song, you could do in half time
  • The Hop~~~The Bop and the Stomp~~~Do it all to The Bristol Stomp
  • Best Regards,
    Carole Scaldeferri-Spada