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At the corner of Pop Singer's Place

This pic from Don Gillis' scrapbook was only a 2 x 2 inch pic and so it was very difficult to enlarge without losing definition; but it's such a wonderful view of Pop Singer's place that I wanted to do my best to get it on the site. You can see down the street and that's neat. I don't know the couple here, as I never could make out the faces enough, but maybe Don will recall and let us know. Pic premiers at site 3/8/07.

UPDATE FROM DON on 3/17/07: The young man is Joe Rosanna. Joe visited American Bandstand in May 1960 and he danced with his attractive gal (whose name is unfortunately not available). They were in the spotlight dance, dancing to The Everly Brothers, "Cathy's Clown." Joe Rosanna's visit to AB was just two months before Don Gills went to American Bandstand...and you know the rest of the story from all these great photos.