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Bonnie Baker during the days she was quite involved with the happenings of American Bandstand. She would have been 16 that July of 1960. When Pat Molittieri came to California she stayed at Bonnie's best friend's house and made an appearance, signing autographs at the local shopping center. After Dick Clark's passing, Bonnie came upon my website and wrote me a very nice e-mail about how much she enjoyed the website. She subsequently was so kind as to send me pictures from her personal scrapbook collection and I believe a numer of these may never have been seen on the WEB before. A few I already had but there are so many treats in the group that I will be pleased to gradually add them to my website for the viewing pleasure of all who visit my website. I personally thank Bonnie for this wonderful collection, which I will mail back to her when I am finished working with the pictures.