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Carole Scaldeferri

Carole Scaldeferri

picture premiers here 8/16/2012 and is an "exclusive" from Terry Tolas, showing lovely AB Regular Carole Scaldeferri at Pop Singer's.
update 8/22/2012...I have had questions about the picture, so I asked Terry for some details and she was all too happy to supply here in her words is more information:

"Hi Marsha,

The picture was taken in 1958 or 1959, which would have made Carole & myself 15 or 16 years old. The woman in the picture with Carole is my aunt Sarah (now 88 yrs old) & the little girl is her daughter, my cousin Lorraine, (now age 58 & a grandma). My uncle, Sarah's husband/Lorraine's father, snapped the picture at Pop Singers after the show. I must check out your website again. In fact, right now. lol... Keep in touch & feel free to ask me anything.

terry "