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Love this picture of the Regulars decorating the Christmas tree inside the studio. Atop the ladder is Nino Bambino and below left to right are Arlene Sullivan, Rosalie Beltrante, Tony Mammarella, and Lou Solino.

The immediate picture below is when Santa visited the Bandstand studio There's Dick Clark back by the podium and the only regular I recognize is Carole Gibson center front by Santa's bag.

Below is color picture of Dick Clark handing out Christmas gifts and the blonde in the picture is the very popular Regular Peggy Thompson.

Below is Frani Giordano in front of her Christmas tree

Below picture is the dance floor at Christmas. I see regulars Justine Carrelli, Pat Molittieri, Mike Balara, Carole Gibson, and Peggy Thompson with her back to camera.

very large picture below shows so many of the Regulars with Dick Clark at Christmastime. to name a number of them in the picture: Myrna Horowitz, Arlene Sullivan, Carole Scaldeferri, Frani Giordano, Barb Levick, Carmen Jimenez, Mary Beltrante