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Sean Lowe & Bunny Gibson

Bunny just sent this neat picture on February 5 and I am happy and privileged to be able to bring it to you. In her words: "Marsha, Tonight 7:00 on Extra...went there for my daughter, Maria, who loves The Bachelor show. Met him and he was so nice - even left a message for Maria on the phone that he was "rooting for her". A really decent and caring man.....and Maria's heart lit up when she heard the message." Sean is lighting up a lot of hearts this season on "The Bachelor" on ABC. Thank you, Bunny, for this timely and special photo. It is an excellent one of you and Sean. I am so happy for your daughter that Sean thoughtfully left her a message. I know that had to have just made her day! ~ Marsha

P.S. This picture is subject of one of my blog topics.

I received this fun picture from Bunny on Feb 5, 2013.