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Frankie Levins

Frankie Levins was a Regular on Early American Bandstand in the late 1950s. Each time you see a picture of him in my thumbnail galleries, I will try to surprise you with other pictures of him and eventually some special items of information and possibly links to other neat always look under each thumbnail picture for more things, as I reimagine and recreate my early American Bandstand Tribute

The original photograph was only 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 very small as photos go, but it was quite good and a rare one to be I enlarged it for a few more details!

This picture premiers at the site on 8/10/2007--courtesy of Frank Levins. In the front right is Frank Levins with Carol Crossin to our viewing right. We do not know the gal on the front left. I had written incorrectly that it was Harvey Robbins behind Frank, but Frank informed me 9/15/09 that the fellow behind him is a guy they used to call Indian Joe. I thought the guy looked a bit like Harvey Robbins and Harvey had provided some of the pictures--my mistake and wanted to clear this up. I appreciate Frank's help here. I should add that Frank says that is Mike Balara in the back left.