March 1962 TV and Movie Screen Magazine with Dick Clark and others

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This vintage magazine is in very good condition. It's intact and has good paper smell (important in vintage paper collectibles). Within its 74 numbered pages, you will find many wonderful pictorial articles on movie and television stars and singers. Examples in this March 1962 issue are: Bob Evans and Sharon Hugueny; Cary Grant's Divorce (from Betsy Drake); Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin; Dick Clark; Liz Taylor (about her 4th baby); Elvis Presley; Annette Funicello; Don and Phil Everly (4 picture pages);Carol Lynley; Perry Como; Cynthia Pepper; "The Truth About The Two Women in Sinatra's Life"; Brenda Lee and Bobby Vee; Vince Edwards. Of course there is the usual gossip section and other things in the magazine, but I have noted most of the content. As stated, this magazine is in very good condition, but it is 55 years old so don't expect brand new. Interior pages are clean, flat and intact. Covers are clean and have color pictures of Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, Sandra Dee, and Dick Clark.<9>Reminder that price you see is all you pay. Shipping is free within the USA.