TEEN Magazine August 1958 American Bandstand cover

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Magazine has cover "Why America Loves Dick Clark's American Bandstand." The cover shows Dick Clark in foreground and dancers in background--Frani Giordano and Charlette Russo. Contents include 66 numbered pages with some of the items being: 4 page Bandstand article; 4 page diet article; 4 page article on ice skater Carol Heiss; 10 page fashion article with Chemise style dresses (what we used to call "sack dresses" included; 4 pages of "My Fair and Frantic Hollywood; and so many more of the usual type of tid-bits one came to expect of this popular teenage magazine from the Fifties.

CONDITION is good. One page (Pen Pal page) has some cut outs but otherwise the magazine is intact and good condition for its many years. Paper of this old magazine still has good smell. Enjoy a trip down memory lane.