SOLD -  SOLD -full New York Mirror Magazine 1958 France Nuyen on cover

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This wonderful vintage intact newspaper magazine has 15 numbered pages + the 2 covers. It is oversized in size, measuring 12 3/4 inches by 10 3/4 inches. On cover of this November 30, 1958, issue is actress France Nuyen. Not many of these thin news magazines survived through the years, so I would say this is rare. I have done searches for another on the WEB and have not yet found this one. The condition is very good plus.It is from a museum binder, so there are 2 very small binder holes in the far left margin of magazine, but this does not affect the great interest this magazine provides. You could still frame the cover and cut off that small left border, and the interior articles are not adversely affected, as you can read all the articles, including a small article on Ms Nuyen on page 10.

These fun news magazines covered such topics as pictorial and written word on social news, animal world, food, fashion, celebrity, and there's always the ads relative to the decade. Some of the articles within are (1)the thousands of type articles left on planes, trains and in restaurants, cabs, theaters, subways, etc. (2)pictorial article on "Carmen D'Oro, a beautiful young singer and dancer who was brought to New York at an early age from her native Puerto Rico..." (3) "Europe's Oldest Festival" (4) "Murder Moved In--from the archives of crime" - took place in Brownville New York. You'll want to read this one that resulted in a death penalty conviction.

The old paper has good paper smell--unlike some vintage paper collectibles. If these are your interests, I think you will really enjoy collecting this hard-to-find magazine. The price you see above is total and includes free shipping within the USA by Priority Mail.