Sept 1954 MOTION PICTURE and Television Magazine

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Condition of this vintage magazine is very good in view of its being 66 years of age. There are 72 pages which are well intact within the binding. The covers are partially attached to the spine but do have some issues and could use some taping. The interior pages have no markings or damage.

Many pictorial articles and many page size pictures which include color ones and B&W ones. Among these large photos: beautiful B&W one of Elizabeth Taylor; Dale Robertson; half page B&W of Jack Webb. Color full page pics: Bill Holden; Gale Storm and hubby; Pier Angeli; Jane Powel. And there are many other various size pictures like wedding picture of Fred MacMurray and June Haver.

The shipping by USPS is included in the listed price. The pages have good smell and I like to mention this in old paper products. I personally have bought many magazines through the years for my personal collection and this is one of my collection. I have always been upset if a seller did not mention this issue when listing magazines and books. I will always let you know about this.. I try to accurately describe each vintage magazine as accurately as possible. If you have specific questions, please email me.