Venus, Oh Venus...

Yes, I am sure you recognized those wonderful lyrics from the Frankie Avalon hit song VENUS, which he sang on American Bandstand and which was a major hit for Frankie. Frankie is one of those forever young kind of guys and he still looks great today. I will share here a couple of pictures courtesy of AB Regular Carole Scaldeferri who remained friends with Frankie through the years.

Carole with Frankie Avalon

and above picture shows Frankie with Carole right behind him with back to camera as she chats with cute Annette Funicello.

I am also sharing a picture that a good friend of mine at my website (Jean DeLucca) sent me. She posed with Frankie at a restaurant in Boston in recent years.

Enjoy these and let's wish him a happy birthday and many more.

American Bandstand Regular Peggy Leonard shared a Sept 18th birthday with Frankie. Sadly, Peggy passed away. She was a popular 1950s Regular on the show. Below is a picture to remember her on her birthday. The picture includes Regular Carole Scaldeferri and a fan in the middle.

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Great pictures of Carole and Frankie! When I think of Frankie, I always think of Annette. I wonder what Carole and Annette were chatting about, while Frankie was getting his picture taken with a friend.
Great Blog! I recently found it. I went to Frankie Avalon's show in Las Vegas in January. He puts on wonderful show. He will be putting on other shows during the next 3 years. It is well worth the time to see the show. Thanks for the vintage picture of AB. Brings back wonderful memories of the 50s&60s