Fashion Fridays ~ on Sunday :)

Well, friends, I have been hopping busy these days and actually lost track of the days. I promised we would have Fashion Fridays and indeed we will...even if it has to be on least this week. Also, Fashion Fridays might not be every Friday--it's just when I do an AB fashion item, it will be generally on Fridays.

This is the only time to my knowledge that Dick Clark ever was on the cover of the ever popular SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE...and it's so appropriate that the model wore a typical fashion that was so very well known on Early American Bandstand--and that is the jumper skirt. There were also jumper dresses--and of course the Catholic school girl jumper uniforms with the white blouses--all of which were seen on American Bandstand. The model on SEVENTEEN cover is wearing the jumper skirt that you will recall seeing AB Regular Arlene Sullivan wear a number of times on the show. Below are some of the popular AB Regulars wearing various jumper fashions.

~~DIANA BENERO on right

--and now a few more of the jumper styles of the 50s in link form:

  • Audrey Hepburn gleefully wearing her fashionable jumper
  • jumper skirt mid 50s
  • jumper dress 1950s
  • jumper skirts
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    Oh how I loved the "jumper" ! When I was in school I wore many of them. I love the jumper and blouse Justine was wearing in the picture with Bob. Thanks Marsha for the great photos !
    Hi Bunny-----Marsha told me you were referring to my friend in the school uniform picture as Sandy----that is not Sandy---the girl pictured with me---where we are standing in front of my Girard Estates house ---was a good friend of mine from high school and she never went to AB.
    loved the "Jumper" and still do. Great pics Marsha! Loved seeing the pic of Sandy....we were good friends.
    Thanks Diana....sure looks like Sandy.....I still wonder what happened to her as we spent a lot of fun time together......Bunny