Oct 16, 2015 - Another Fashion Friday

This Fashion Friday is dedicated to Carole Scaldeferri-Spada. Since she was one of the fashion girls of Early American Bandstand, she often appeared in fashion articles back in the day of newsstand magazines. When you see the many pictures of her, you will well understand why. Her Cousin Diana Benero also had a lovely wardrobe and much of that was thanks to Diana's mother (Carole's Aunt) who could turn any piece of fabric in to fashion magic. She could make her own patterns and whenever she sewed something for Diana, people took notice and many compliments followed. So you can see that this fashion sense ran in the family. I have featured some of Diana's coats in the past and now we view some of Carole's. It must have been great fun as fall and winter came to Philly to go off to American Bandstand studio wearing not only a lovely coat but one that surely provided great warmth. Just look at this one modeled by Carole in front of Pop Singer's fountain sign. Carole's ears are well protected from the cold with this adorable fuzzy hat and her hands are snugly secured within chic leather gloves. To follow are some more of Carole's coats - some in tweeds, some embellished with fur or dramatic buttons and belts.

Below are links to a few samples of coat styles similar to Carole's from the late 50s/early 60s:

  • 1950s green wool tweed coat
  • Sandra Dee paper doll coat
  • another Sandra Dee paper doll coat
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