American Bandstand created lifelong friendships...

above picture taken in 1997.
In addition to all the joy we were given through watching episodes of Early American Bandstand, there were many positive spin-offs as a result of the show--not a record spin-off or even other shows that came as a result. No, this was a more important definition of spin-off: " (1) something good that happens unexpectedly as a result of something else)." I would say the greatest spin-offs were the life-long friendships that resulted. We have all heard of the great friendships that Dick Clark made with performers like Bobby Darin and Jackie Wilson and so many others. Many of the Regulars formed long-standing friendships with each other and kept in touch through the years. Many fans connected in life back then and are still doing so as of today. And many who simply went to the show a few times ended up often having friendships as a result. And that brings us to the picture with my topic today. I bet some of you had already figured out who these two beautiful ladies are. Yes, they are Bonnie Baker (on the left) and Terry Tolas (on the right)--two special ladies to this website who developed a friendship back in the early days of American Bandstand--a friendship that continues to this day. I think Bonnie has a real Doris Day look and Terry looks like Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Seinfeld. Oh to be this photogenic! Bonnie and Terry have provided their private/personal collections to be shown here for all of you and they continue to do so in the friendship circle of American Bandstand--without monetary reward or the expectation of such. That is real friendship. They have shared these treasures out of the goodness of their hearts. They and many other contributors have helped to make my website Tribute what it is today. I will never forget my first two contributors to the AB Tribute--Marian Driscoll and Eleanor Ligman. Without all these contributors and many more through the years, my website would just be another little one trying to find its place in the cyber world. I am forever appreciative of all the good people who are the real essence of this website. The defining "reality" of the show was the good that spun off from it--the friendships created, lasting hit songs that instantly take us back to our memories, pictures to relate to and say--"I remember that day" or "I remember seeing that in the first AB related magazines or yearbooks that I excitedly waited to arrive in the mail." No matter what we obtain today, it will never be quite like those first feelings--much like first love. They stay with us forever. THIS IS WHAT AMERICAN BANDSTAND MEANS TO MOST OF ITS FANS. It is up to all of us who feel that way to not allow the history of American Bandstand to be seen from any jaded or dysfunctional viewpoints.
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I (Bonnie) was so thrilled to see this picture of Terry and me on your website! Terry and I became AB pen pals in 1960, she in New York, me in California. The website picture of us was taken in 1999 in NYC, the last time we actually saw each other. Terry got us front row seats for "Miss Siagon" and of course, we went to an Italian Restaurant and then had our picture taken with the cops in Times Square.
very well said Marsha,Bandstand will stay with us forever and so will you < A.
Welcome to the blog, Arleneg...Thank you for your nice words here.
Marsha, Great photo of two pretty ladies and a friendship that has endured over the years. Your site is more interesting and informative than the other site that Jill may be referring to. You have the "feminine touch" that the webmaster of that site desires. He may want to be the "Queen Bee" of Philly Bandstand, but he will never "Rain On Your Parade". Bennie
I started my day off very well reading your comment. I am still smiling and laughing. You got the truth there.
And Marsha, you are right, to do your own thing. Your website is wonderful and you sure do not need to affiliate with anyone. You tell the facts and do not try to put yourself in the picture,as they say, AB and the regulars are the spotlight. Keep up the good work.
Marsha, I am curious about something. I have noticed that you will post a picture or subject and the next day a variation on the same theme will appear on another AB site. It has happened too many times to be pure coincidence. Are you affiliated at all with another site?
Hi Jill...That is an interesting observation on your part and one I have also become aware of, as have others. I agree that it cannot be coincidence. No, I am not affiliated with any other website. I have had a few requests over the years to affiliate with product lines but I have turned those down. I have never affiliated with another American Bandstand website for much the same reason--I like to do my own thing. Believe it or not, I have another life outside of my website. lol
Well, you should get a finder's fee or something. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so I guess you should be flattered.
DICK CLARK acknowledged your site and he was pleased with how you represented him and his regulars. His acknowledgement is something to be very proud of, Marsha, as it is the only AB site that Dick has acknowledged in this way. You are a treasure, Marsha, and thank you for all that you do to preserve our memories - just looking at the smiles of Bonnie and Terry tell the story of what you have given us with your love, time, integrity and honesty. You're "First Class"!!!