Giordano Italian Market

When we think of cutie American Bandstand Regular Frani Giordano, there are lots of memories and connections. Of course the strongest memory is of her dancing across our 1950s small TV sets.
The magazines of the day showed her having summer fun with friends and Regulars at her folks' Sea Isle New Jersey Home
We only had to look at the beautiful condition of her hair to know Frani had the best of products and probably salons to make it that special, and we assumed rightly that she was one of the more privileged dancers on the show. What most of us did not know was that her family for many years owned Giordano's Italian Market in Philly--a very successful market that has survived through the decades. Here's a picture of that market taken during the time of American Bandstand's 50th Anniversary show in 2007 (50 years sinced it went National in 1957). Market pic courtesy of a friend of my website.
While researching the Giordano market, I found this article and maybe you will enjoy learning just a little more about Italian Markets...and the fact that this article has just one picture to typify "Italian Market"--The Giordano's Italian Market in Philly. ITALIAN MARKET. Read the article and at the end see a great 1954 B&W picture of Giordano's Italian Market. It's one of those places you would still recognize! And for good measure, here's one more article with video too relating to the history of the Giordano family business: GIORDANO PRODUCE

Frani was indeed a lucky girl--good family, many friends, and a comfortable life. This is what so many teens dreamed of in the 1950s. I am sure her folks' having this popular market helped to provide the good life for Frani. We were all happy for her and still are.

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The Italian Market is still a great part of Philadelphia.....and Giordano's is still there. Frani still looks beautiful! Bunny
Thank you Marsha for this wonderful information on Frani and her families background, she was one of my favorites. Always smiling and a wonderful dancer. I always wondered about the regulars and their families. I hope Frani and her family are well and happy. Keep up the wonderful job on this amazing site.
HI Susan...I often wonder if you are still looking in at the website. Miss your nice comments and your interest in vintage bracelets. Take care. Be well, be safe and be happy.