A few years back, I had a small gallery on my website called LOOK-A-LIKES where I put up pictures of the Regulars and other celebrities that looked like each other. I also took pictures of fans who looked like a Regular or a movie star back in the days of Early American Bandstand. It was a fun page but one that got removed at one point. This blog post will be a possible forerunner to my bringing back a similar page. I will go by input here or by e-mail input regarding the interest level of doing so. Meanwhile, here's the picture that I felt was the quintessential look-a-like and that Is of Justine Carrelli looking like the movie star in this picture with Elvis. I am sure I can find out who the movie star is, as I have found a few who fill the bill, since Justine says it is not her in this picture. But did you ever see such a good look-a-like. Everyone thought this was Justine. What do you think?

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I bet alot of girls copied Justine's beautiful, blond hairstyle. I know I tried to as a teenager ! The girl in the picture with Elvis really does look like Justine. I would love to see more photos of her to compare.
Thanks for the memories
Hello Mike ~ You are certainly most welcome! I hope you will continue to find good memories here of the Early American Bandstand shows. Thanks for being a viewer and a contributor here to the blog today.
I am not sure but imagine Justine has been asked if it is her and it is not????? You bet if it is not, a twin of the beautiful Justine.
Hi Jeanne...Yes, Justine has said it is not her, but she sure had a double. I did find out at one time who this look-a-like was and now I have forgotten (senior moment ha ha). I have to look her up again in the vintage movie magazines I have. There were a number of her pictures that looked like Justine--but none so much as this one!