I have recently heard from Kathleen "Bunny" Gibson by phone and via e-mail. She wanted me to have this as a lst-time exclusive showing for my website. This material as well as other materials at my website are not to be used elsewhere on the WEB without not only my permission but the permission of my original contributors. Here is Bunny's message, followed by a picture and an article. I hope you enjoy both. When the Regulars keep American Bandstand memories alive by attending events and sharing with my website, as a number of popular Regulars have done, it reminds us all of the impact of the wonderful American Bandstand show that has held up through the decades. We are all so thankful for it.

"Emailing this picture to you exclusively for your site. It is the property of George Manney (photographer) which I would like you to mention along with the 1st time exclusive showing for your site.

The magazine above us features Nicky Blue, Arlene DiPetro and myself at a party......The Event: "America on Wheels Moonlight Memories 4th Annual Gala" that we hosted.. A wonderful evening of dancing and many happy hearts! ~ Bunny "

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Hi, thought my comment went thru but guess not. So glad Bunny keeps in contact, she looks great. Always has ben nice to me and to her fans.
Thanks Bunny, always great to see items never before seen, at least by me. You look great!!!!