Picture courtesy American Bandstand Regular Carole Scaldeferri

EAGLE--a friend of my website asked a question of some of us who share history and fun things ~~ he asked us if we knew where some of the performers now live who performed on American Bandstand back in the Philly years. Well, even though all the really big names come to mind immediately like Frankie Avalon, Paul Anka, Bobby Vee and others, I thought immediately of Dodie Stevens of "Pink Shoe Laces" fame. The reason she comes to mind is that she grew up in the San Gabriel Valley where I have lived since 1983 and where I traveled through from Pomona to downtown L.A. for a very long time until I moved to the L.A./Hollywood area around 1963. I never knew then that I would end up living in San Gabriel and actually less than 2 miles from Temple City High School where Dodie Stevens spent her teenage years that led to her hit song "Pink Shoe Laces." I have an old TEEN Magazine with some info on her and I will find that and add a little more to this topic when I do. I just wanted to get this blog topic started now and hope that some of you will join in and say where a particular performer from those Philly years of AB now lives. Some of us friends and fans are sharing this information behind the scenes (as all friends do from time to time), but I thought these friends and some of the public might like to post their answers here. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I moved to The Inland Empire in 2013 and am loving the high desert area where I now reside. I still think of Dodie Stevens and driving by the high school she attended. - Marsha on 9/7/2019

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