I just heard the sad news on TV today that Bobby Vee has stated he has Alzheimers. The newscaster put it so nicely when he said that it is very sad that someone who gave us so many wonderful memories will lose his memories. Below is a photo that Carole Scaldeferri-Spada shared with me some years ago and has been on her page in my galleries. It's such a joyous picture of her with some of our best teen singer/hearthrobs of the 50s/60s, and Bobby Vee is right there on the right of the picture looking as I always think of him. He is a very good looking man to this day and he obviously has lots of heart.

I adored Bobby Vee's fun and happy sounds and I purchased his records and still enjoy some of the vinyl LPs that I have. I don't think anyone can really give us the feeling for all this better than the man himself and I have put a link here to his official website page where he told about this and more to his fans. I found it so touching. My love and prayers and kindest thoughts go out to Bobby and his wife (who also has health issues) and to their entire family. May we find a cure for this terrible disease and may it come in time to help Bobby!

BOBBY VEE'S WORDS FOR FANS AND FRIENDS American Bandstand memories for me will always include Bobby Vee !

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Sorry to hear about Bobby Vee. My thoughts go out to him and his family. I was also wondering how Carole is doing, I know she was battling some issues. Hope everything is well. Always concerned - Jerry.