Keep the memories & keep smiling for American Bandstand...

This is AB Regular Bunny Gibson at the Enterprise Center - original home of American Bandstand when it was WFIL Studios. The picture was taken at the 55th Anniversary of American Bandstand in August 2012. It's nice to see Bunny so pretty and upbeat (and always the smile)--well representing the happy days of that time. Thank you, Bunny, for your efforts to make sure that Dick Clark, the show, and the Regulars are well remembered. The studio was and still is really their home. Anyone wanting to read the history of American Bandstand has plenty of opportunity by selecting any of the books to which Dick Clark lent his name. "ROCK, ROLL, and REMEMBER" (authored by Dick Clark) is a good one. You can also obtain many of the magazines from the late 50s and early 60s on line. These showed those involved with the show--Dick Clark, the management, and the Regulars. Those materials will be a good filter for anyone who wants to know why the teens across this country were fans of the show more than a half century ago and why parents allowed us to watch it from the WFIL studios every day. We didn't have to see the darker side of the times--nor would we have wanted to. In life we have a choice: to be part of the SMILES or part of the FROWNS. I personally vote for the those are the best memories, the things we cherish, the things we want passed on to future generations--the reason we loved American Bandstand. We don't want our illusions shattered. We had our Camelot and we would like to keep it that way. It looks like Bunny is going for the SMILES too. How about you?
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Bunny always did go for the smiles - bless her heart! She looks beautiful here. I guess she has found the fountain of youth in California. You are so right about keeping the memories pleasant - we should keep the happy times happy.
Bunny was and still is a great ambassador for Philadelphia Bandstand. She and Franni Giordano & Carole Scaldeferri were favorites to all us young GI's in the late 50's. They were the original reality stars and as popular as Annette, Sandra Dee, Tuesday Weld, at that time.
Thank you, Bennie, for your insightful comments and a reminder of some of our other beloved Regulars. I could add to the list and you can see from my Website that I have very properly included many of the popular Regulars--some of whom I have kept in touch by phone like Carole and some of whom I have met like Frank Levins, Charlotte Russo, Myrna Horowitz--and just this week the lovely Diana Benero. She reminds me of a little Gidget (so much enthusiasm, energy & class). We had a great time.
Thank you Bunny for sending on this wonderful photo to Marsha. You look radiant and lovely as always.
Hi AB fan...From one fan to another, I appreciate your postings here at the site. It's obvious that you care about the history and the Regulars. Thank you.