This photo flick collage of American Bandstand pictures tries to re-create for all of you what a typical day at American Bandstand might look like. Most of you visiting my website personally recall watching the shows so know this well, and many of you actually danced on the show or visited it, so you know it even better. So for those of you already informed, this is just a trip of memories...but for some of the visitors out there who never had the privilege of being a part of the earliest years of American Bandstand in Philly and are too young to have watched it but may have heard all about it from grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, etc....well this will give you a glimpse of the reality of the show itself. Here you will see many of the super star regulars of the earliest days and you'll see Dick Clark and some of the performers on show. These pictures are not all from the same day--some probably are--but most are from various days of the early shows. Enjoy! And before I sign off here on this Saturday that promises to be lovely, I will say thanks to the many who provided pictures for this slide show. If I miss anyone, forgive me. Here are the contributors: Don Gillis, George Yates for the Yates Collection, Justine Carrelli, Carole Scaldeferri, Frank Levins, Charlette Russo, Diana Benero, Marian Driscoll, Eleanor Ligman,

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Thanks for posting these really amazing and interesting pictures:) it really helps me understand and see how American Bandstand was even if i wasn't still alive at that time.