American Bandstand look-a-likes...

American Bandstand was so popular across the nation that many shows cropped up all over the country that were similar in style and format. Here today is a YouTube video of "Rockin' Robin" and throughout you can see teens dancing--and dancing as close to AB style as I have seen on any show. Forgive any commercial before or aft that you have to sit through, but it's worth it to see the dance show. ROCKIN' ROBIN
I have seen this show before on YouTube but can't remember the name of the host or the show, but I am sure some of you astute ones out there will know it well. It definitely has an East Coast flavor to it, so I am sure it is an area not far away from Philly. This is just for fun. Anyone else think that one of those gals dances just like Peggy Leonard did? Hope you are enjoying this October Thursday. It's a lovely day here in California. Yesterday, a friend and I went to San Dimas to "Walker House" for lunch--in a house that has been historically preserved and contains museum and art galleries as well--and we did some AB reminiscing while enjoying the food, the company, and looking out through French lace curtains to the huge wrap-around porch of this old Victorian house that has the only belfry I have ever seen in a house. Reminds me of the Haunted House at Disneyland. For local Californians, if you have not been there, it's worth the trip. We then enjoyed the sites around San Dimas, CA including the beautiful Puddingstone Lake in Bonelli Park.
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