Good Egg AB Regular for Easter 2012

As has been my tradition at the site for Easter, I have colored Easter Eggs and usually had a parade of them with faces of some of the popular girl Regulars. This year I am featuring just one good egg--the lovely and pert Joan Buck gets the nod this year. She was a delightful little blonde who was vivacious and could dance up a storm with partner Jimmy Peatross. She always seemed to have a smile on her face and her presence lit up the dance floor. You would always see her if she were there on any given day, as she just couldn't be missed. She seemed very friendly, and I have heard that she was indeed very well liked. Sadly, she left us quite some time ago--way too young --and she is missed. I hope this colorful Easter Egg will cause her to smile down on us this special Easter Sunday. She definitely provided many good memories for those of us who watched the show in the late 1950s and most early 1960s. Joan, we'll be watching for you to put those dancing shoes on.
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