I am putting up my favorite picture of Dick Clark. It's a very sad day for those of us who loved American Bandstand and its host Dick Clark. I believe it was one of the longest running shows on TV, if not the longest. I have to do my research, but you get the picture...he has been in the lives of many teenagers from 1957 onward. And we can't forget that he has also been in New York to watch the ball drop on New Years Eve for so many years. I am sure there is sadness in many a home right now. I have had more mail than usual today because of this milestone in history and some news media have contacted me like CBS News Radio. I learned rather late in the day today (around 4:30 p.m.) that he had died and I was stunned, even though we all knew his health had been precarious for some time. My local friend Nina Nieves, who has been a friend of the Early AB Tribute went over to Hollywood, California today and put flowers on Dick Clark's star on The Walk of Fame and she commented she had never seen so many people crying publicly. When CBS News Radio talked with me, one of the questions they asked was what the reaction of people has been so far and I commented on that in particular and that I have had heavier e-mail and calls than usual. May we all take some moments of silence in tribute to Dick Clark and I want to personally extend my deepest sympathy to Kari Clark and the family. We will all miss Dick Clark. He was clearly a staple in my life since 1957. I grew up with him on TV. I hope to be able to go to Hollywood tomorrow and maybe I can get some pictures. Nina may be able to go with me. It should be noted that the news media who contacted me asked about Carole Scaldeferri and mentioned the song dedicated to her by Neil Sedaka. They particularly wanted to talk to Carole as soon as possible and I hope she will be able to do so. I have called her back, as she called me earlier in the day and said she had some sad news to tell me but didn't say what and then I heard it from my husband who watches the news much more than I do. I did get to see a tribute at the end of HARDBALL hosted by Chris Matthews on MSNBC on cable TV, who was a Philly boy himself. I thought it very nice. I believe my fave photo here was taken from a vintage PHOTOPLAY magazine. Dick Clark used to have articles from time to time in that magazine. This is how I will always see him--or the vision of him at the podium in the Early Days of American Bandstand. - Marsha
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MEMORIES FROM THE HEARTLAND--FIVE MAGIC WORDS! Until August l957, it seemed that I was hated by absolutely every girl in the entire world. Then one day, I quietly spoke five magic words--"Do you watch American Bandstand?" Instantly I was transformed from disgusting frog into Prince Charming by almost every girl!........Thanks, Dick Clark!!!!!
I wanted you to know that as soon as I heard yesterday that Dick Clark passed away one of my first thoughts was of you and all of the wonderful people who visit your web site and keep the memories of American Bandstand alive. Today is such a sad day for all of us who watched American Bandstand form 1957 through the early sixties. I just always felt that he would be with us forever, but then again he will ALWAYS be with us forever in our wonderful memories that we have of him, and there are so many. I little piece of me as a teenager died yesterday along with him. I will miss him forever and today the world is a lesser place without him. He meant the world to me even till today. His smile, how can we ever forget his sincere smile, he touched everyone, He was a fine man, a gentlemen always. My one regret is that I never met him and shook his hand and say “THANK YOU” for the happy moments and wonderful memories to you gave to me throughout the many years. May he rest in peace but live in our hearts and minds forever. In Sadness, Eddie
Dick Clark, Thank you for the wonderful memories of the early Bandstand days - you will be missed by so many. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers -
Thanks for the great words about Dick Clark; pleased to hear the media was trying to reach my fave Carole Scaldeferri-Spada. Hopefully, she was able to provide some fond memories of those glory days in Philly. BTW, I recommend the interview Piers Morgan (CNN) did with Connie Francis Wed night. She is so honest about how much Dick Clark did for her--discovering "Who's Sorry Now," and helping her through those dark days Connie faced after she was a rape victim and suffered from mental illness.
DICK CLARK SUPERSTAR! We owe our Philly AB happiness to the fact that Dick was first and foremost an ADVERTISING expert--knowing that TV is primarily ADVERTISING, NOT entertainment. Dick made AB the most lucrative advertiser in daytime TV. ABC New York hated teen dance shows; but they loved Dick's advertising money! When ABC ended the DAILY AB, in 1964 Dick moved to LA and created an advertising juggernaut, that kept AB alive for 25 more years! Mr. Advertising--Dick Clark! Thanks, Dick.
Totally sad day, the coverage for him was outstanding on TV/Cable. Showed what this man gave to the world. We would not be remembering the AB regulars and happy days without him. Sadly, saw a photo of Frani and Angel, believe that was her name, standing with Dick. And then later, believe saw Bunny Gibson dancing with a couple guys while Little Richard played and sang. Came on so fast, but pretty sure it was her. Thank you Dick, and to quote Bob Hope "THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES"
Frani, Carole, Justine, Bob, Arlene, Kenny and the rest. AB brought these normal teens in to our living room. My thanks to Dick Clark. HIs winning smile, easy going TV personally, and ability to connect with many will be missed. My deepest sympathy to his family, friends and fans. Thanks for the memories.