Did you ever see so many Regulars birthdays as the month of September! Here's just the ones I know...
  • Lou Lucas ~ Sept 6
  • Bob Bradley ~ Sept 6
  • Ivette Jimenez ~ Sept 8
  • Kenny Rossi ~ Sept 9
  • Frank Brancaccio ~ Sept 12
  • Frankie Lobis ~ Sept 16
  • Peggy Leonard ~ Sept 18
  • Joe Wissert ~ Sept 18
  • Flossie Epstein ~ Sept 20
  • Joe Fusco ~ Sept 21
  • Kenny Gill ~ Sept 23
  • Justine Carrelli ~ Sept 25
  • Paula Kopicko ~ Sept 27
  • For those Regulars still with us, loads of good wishes for your September birthday to be a happy one. For those who have left us, although we remember you often, we take your birthday as a special day to honor you.
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    A day early but wanted to be sure and wish the beautiful to this day, Justine Carrelli, a happy birthday. I am so glad she is as nice as I thought she would be after getting to know her via emails and actually speaking with her on the phone. She is still famous to this day, hard to do now a days with celebrities. Happy Birthday Pretty Lady.
    Hi everyone. My Mom was on two of the episodes and i am trying to obtain a way to get those two episodes for my Mom's birthday. She's 73 and remembers those days fondly. I have the episode numbers and am looking for the person who might have a collection of early recorded bandstand shows. Hoping you can help or redirect. Thank you so much. Her birthday is in December....
    Hello I stated in an e-mail that I just sent out to you, I would need more information as to the year; but I also mentioned that there is hardly any film available from 1957 through 1964 (the Philly years of American Bandstand) and that most of what does exist is already on youtube. It is and always has been my impression that there is very little preserved film from those years. I doubt we will ever see much more surface. I do hope I am wrong on this one.