Summer's almost gone...

Yes, indeed, the first day of autumn this year is September 22, and we will be singing "Summer's almost gone..." Summers these days across the nation have been extremely hot and brought droughts and lots of worries to many; but let's harken back to the 1950s and very early 1960s (those early AB days) when we as teens formed the most fantastic summer memories to last a lifetime. If we were not at the beach, we were at the lakes or the rivers--or taking in the fresh mountain air somewhere. City kids were playing in the streets under sprinklers hooked up to fire hydrants and in the 1950s during a heat wave in New York some of the kids even opened up fire hydrants and had a blast of water and fun--that is until the local cop on the beat put a stop to that. Guess it was fun while it lasted. Yes, we all have wonderful summer memories and so many of our songs from back in the day instantly recall those memories -- like "One Summer Night" by the Danleers or "Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer" by Nat King Cole. Or maybe a particular 50s summer was hard for you and you felt more like Eddie Cochran with his "Summertime Blues" and had to wait until 1966 when Frank Sinatra's "Summer Wind" blew in and cleared up everything, Wow, that was a long wait for some relief. And no song recalls the end of summer better than Brian Hyland's "Sealed with a Kiss" that poignantly said goodbye to summer romance but a promise of keeping love alive. Most of us have wonderful summer memories, and so this blog topic is meant to remind us all of those--the good times that will always lead in our hearts and ultimately even in the polls. Enjoy this little trip back in time--summertime.
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Marsha, may I add one more song to your list that is significant for this time of year? Paul Anka wrote and had a hit with a song titled "Summer's Gone" in 1960. As you know Paul basically started his career by performing his big hits "Diana" and "Lonely Boy" in the early years of Bandstand in Philadelphia.
Thank you, Bennie, for adding that wonderful song. It should have been at the top of my brain at the time I was writing the blog. That's the good thing about the visitors who oftentimes bring such great input either here at the blog or via e-mail. Thx!! Appreciate your nice and informative postings.