I was just going through some of the pictures I have received in the last few years that I had put to my pin drive and somehow forgot I a big oops there. I received this picture back in July 2011 of AB Regular Bunny Gibson in front of the Rocky Balboa statue in Philadelphia. I don't know when it was taken, but that's when I received it. Anyway, I thought it was a great picture for showing that prevailing attitude we Americans have--that we are never completely down...that we will like the Unsinkable Molly Brown always pick ourselves up and be triumphant in what we do. Is it because we have "High Hopes" as Frank Sinatra so charmingly sang to us through the years? Whatever it is, we all have that within us and we need to tap our strengths so that good triumphs over evil...success triumphs over despair, joy triumphs over sadness, and health triumphs over illness. May my friends and visitors to the site feel uplifted this Wednesday morning and do great things with your day--let's go one further and say do great things with your life! Wow, that statue does have its magic, doesn't it.
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You look great Bunny!! And you are so right, Marsha has done an excellent job with integrity and accuracy. No pretenses on her part. A great website.
Thank you Marsha.....for your site......on our Bandstand days......!!! I know you grew up watching us dance and you have a real love for our history. Thank you for keeping our legacy alive with great info and, most importantly, integrity and accuracy of our shared memories of the show.